Svedala affiliates is the Swedish affiliate program with attractive reward plans. Apart from the fact that our localised casino: Svedala casino will provide you high conversion and retention rates the share you get as a marketing partner is a key element of our operations.

Payment terms

Svedala affiliates strives to pay all affiliates by the 10th of the month. Instead of other programs where you have to chase your commissions or get paid by the end of the month.

Platform costs

All affiliate programs apply costs. At Svedala Affiliates we are very open and transparent about these costs: Of the net revenue you simply have to deduct 20% which will result in your commission. Although, if you have winning players, of those individually we will only deduct 85% of the winnings from the net revenue.

Zero negative carry over

We believe in zero negative carry over. With trained staff and an approach that has proven to work we don’t feel the need to apply these kinds of conditions. Although there is an exception to the negative carryover rule: If one of your players wins over €5000. we shall place the player in quarantine until the winnings have been returned.

Important: Any player winning a jackpot will NOT be included in the commission as all jackpot contributions are calculates during the regular game play of a customer.

Cost per acquisition

If you wish to work on a CPA deal, we would like to know a bit more about you. Please get in contact with your personal affiliate manager to discuss your deal!